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Situation of Air Moldova

Situation of Air Moldova


Pending the composition with creditors process to which Air Moldova is subject, we inform you that the decision of the Chisinau court, which was supposed to be published within end of September, has not yet be reached. 

Pending the composition with creditors process to which Air Moldova is subject, unfortunately, to date, we are not in a position to proceed with the reimbursement of unused tickets, for the following reasons:

  1. Air Moldova surprisingly announced the freezing of its flight operations at the end of April 2023. At the same time it announced that it would undergo a composition with creditors procedure under the aegis of the Chisinau court. Procedure which should initially have been completed by the end of July 2023.
  2. The composition with creditors procedure was postponed several times, first to the end of August 2023, then to the end of September 2023. Unfortunately, these dates passed without a decision being finally taken by the court itself, thus leaving Air Moldova in a state of legal limbo, from which we don't know when it will come out.
  3. The consequence of point 2 above is that, as long as Air Moldova remains formally in an arrangement with creditors, its bank accounts will remain frozen and the company will not be free to dispose of its funds, as it is under the control of an appointed liquidator from the Chisinau court. Unfortunately, as we are unable to receive the necessary funds (frozen in Air Moldova's bank accounts), we are unable to proceed with the necessary refunds.
We invite you to contact us via email on a regular basis. Each email will be archived in such a way as to have a list of refund requests to refer to if the Air Moldova situation finally resolves itself. We assure you that, as soon as this happens, we will proceed with refunds as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT. GS AIR, as a mere sales agent of Air Moldova, will be able to provide assistance ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY to its customers (i.e. to all those who have purchased through the GS AIR office or this site - www.air-moldova.it). For purchases made through other sites or agents, we invite you to contact them.