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Passenger GSA      

  • GS AIR covers all areas of passenger sales representation across the Italian market.
  • Reservations and sales, either directly through our offices or through dedicated call centre. Management of BSP, consolidators and special channel sales. Manual, automated and electronic ticketing. PTA issuance and handling. After sales assistance to passengers, agents and tour operators.
  • Marketing. Elaboration of short and medium term marketing plans. B2B and B2C direct marketing. Market & Competitor intelligence, route analysis. Media advertisement/PR to both trade and generalist media.

Destination marketing    

  • Broad range of expertise for destinations, hotels, and other tourism businesses needing representation in the Italian market
  • Full-service communications and public relations
  • Organisation of press and trade “famtrips”
  • Database marketing. Detailed and extensive database of all IATA/non IATA travel agents and tour operators in Italy. Database build-up through our websites for targeted newsletter communication/promotion.


Cargo GSA

  • Broad range of expertise for cargo sales, marketing, operations and administration for the Italian market
  • Market & Competitor intelligence, periodic fares comparison with main competitors. Short and medium term marketing plans. Definition of annual targets together with Principal
  • Direct marketing to all the trade community (cargo forwarders, transporters, couriers). Advertising through specialised trade channels
  • Field Sales. Sales promotion targeted at forwarders, transporters, couriers. Identification of top-sellers and relevant market share destination by destination. Constant follow-up of key accounts to ensure increase in overall revenues and profitability of the account. Negotiation of specific incentive agreements to increase revenues and maintain loyalty to our Principals


Airport supervision services

  • Supervision of flight handling to ensure maximum service quality
  • Ramp activities supervision to ensure punctual, efficient and safe aircraft turnaround
  • Full support services to passengers in case of delays
  • Ground operations coordination: regular liaison with local authorities, airport handlers, caterers, police authorities, etc.


Financial and administrative services

  • Regular financial/sales reporting and settlement, as per client requirements
  • BSP Consolidator. Debt collection and control. Insurance of Principals against BSP agents' default
  • Administrative BSP management, ADM/ACM issuance and follow-up
  • Credit card billing, collection and processing
  • Supply of bank guarantees and credit limits on behalf of Principal
  • Suppliers’ bills settlement on behalf of the Principal
  • Balance sheet submission in accordance with Italian fiscal laws and regulations


Legal services and support

  • Planning, coordination, and processing of all types of applications at local public authorities (traffic rights, slots, etc.)
  • Contract negotiations
  • Selection, (re-) negotiation, and contracting of all relevant suppliers according to specified individual needs
  • Negotiatiation any contractual relationship, (re-) negotiate kickbacks, replace service fees by professional barter businesses, and achieve all types of possible fare/price reductions and discounts to minimize the client’s overall costs
  • Hotel arrangements, transport arrangements, expenses, hospital services, etc. Supply of bank guarantees and credit limits Consulting (re-) negotiation of bank condition

Charter flights

  • First point of contact for agents interested in charter flights for special events, sporting events, repatriation and / or humanitarian flights or similar
  • Definition and identification of the type of aircraft required and obtaining availability based on the machine rotation calendar
  • Complete chartering contract management under the most competitive terms possible
  • Full assistance in the ticketing phase, addition and management of special services and / or ancillaries, after-sales assistance until completion of rotation