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Passenger GSA


  • GS AIR covers all areas of passenger sales representation across the Italian market.
  • Marketing. Elaboration of short and medium term marketing plans. Market & Competitor intelligence, route analysis.Media advertisement/PR to both trade and generalist media.  B2B and B2C direct marketing. 
  • Web-marketing. AdWords e SEO campaigns specific to the Italian market. Maximum increase of online sales through optimisation local promotion of Principals' websites or via localised website built specifically.
  • Field Sales. Sales promotion targeted at tour operators and travel agents. Identification of top-sellers and relevant market share destination by destination. Constant follow-up of key accounts to ensure increase in overall revenues and profitability of the account. Identification of direct accounts (e.g. persons or companies) and negotiation of specific incentive agreements to increase revenues and maintain loyalty to our Principals.
  • Reservations and sales, either directly through our offices, through dedicated call centre or online. Management of BSP, consolidators and special channel sales. PTA issuance and handling. 
  • After sales assistance to passengers, agents and tour operators.