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About us

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GS AIR’s mission is to represent airlines and tourist destinations/entities that need an extensive presence across the Italian market and to enjoy direct contact with the main actors of the value chain, i.e. tour operators, travel agents and the public.

GS AIR ensures efficient coverage of the market, all with variable costs for the Principal directly linked to the results obtained. Moreover, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the local market, GS AIR can carry out focused marketing activities customised on the client’s needs and with maximum return on investment.

Each member of our team has a strong track record in the tourism industry and airline transport field, thanks to previous experience acquired with the “best of breed” airlines and/or tour operators/agents such as CTS (Centro Turisitco Studentesco), KLM, Philippine Airlines, Alitalia, British Airways, Gulf Air and Qatar Airways. Our team always ensures the highest quality of service and strives to reach the objectives defined in agreement with our Principals.

GS AIR has a highly successful track record demonstrated by the fact that, so far, all of our Principals have decided to stay loyal to the company.


  • GS AIR is financially solid and has a well reputed name in the marketplace
  • GS AIR has an acknowledged success track record
  • GS AIR enters the market as a neutral player and only on behalf of their Principals
  • GS AIR capitalises on over 30 year experience of its founders
  • GS AIR is a flexible organisation which can easily integrate with its Principals’ structure
  • GS AIR works to achieve clear objectives and agreed in advance with its Principals
  • GS AIR is part of a European GSAs network and can ensure rapid coverage of the main markets in Europe
  • GS AIR devotes all its energies to the success of its Principals and offers a highly customised service


“Just a selected few”. Our philosophy is to represent a limited number of carriers and other tourist destinations so that we can offer to each of them the best possible service. We won’t take a representation we could not serve properly.

“Experience coupled with a young spirit”. We want to marry the deep knowledge of the market that comes with experience with the entrepreneurial spirit of a young team, always ready to pick-up on the latest developments to the advantage of our Principals.

“Stay focused on the target”. In the end, it’s the result that matters, and at GS AIR we know that!