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Cargo GSA

  • Broad range of expertise for cargo sales, marketing, operations and administration for the Italian market
  • Market & Competitor intelligence, periodic fares comparison with main competitors. Short and medium term marketing plans. Definition of annual targets together with Principal
  • Direct marketing to all the trade community (cargo forwarders, transporters, couriers). Advertising through specialised trade channels
  • Field Sales. Sales promotion targeted at forwarders, transporters, couriers. Identification of top-sellers and relevant market share destination by destination. Constant follow-up of key accounts to ensure increase in overall revenues and profitability of the account. Negotiation of specific incentive agreements to increase revenues and maintain loyalty to our Principals
  • Airwaybills issuance, control compliance of cargo documentation with local requirements. Issuance of cargo manifests
  • Operations. Periodical check at cargo handler's warehouses. Coordination between Principal, handler, forwarder
  • After sale assistance, “tracers” and claims handling