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Instructions on voucher issuance for Uzbekistan Airways

Instructions on voucher issuance for Uzbekistan Airways



The rules are developed based on the decisions of paragraph 6 of the Protocol of the Cabinet of Ministers meeting No. 38 “On ensuring stability of the transportation system during the quarantine period” under  the chairmanship of   the   President  of  the  Republic  of  Uzbekistan.

1) In case of cancellations and changes in the flight schedule of Uzbekistan airways JSC due to reasons related to flight restrictions related with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, passengers may request rebooking and / or re-issuance of airline tickets purchased before 31/12/2020, to a later date and / or other route. Such a rebooking and / or re-issuance will be provided without levying the fees stipulated by the fare rules used for paying for the initial ticket, both in cases of canceled flights associated with the application of restrictive measures by states and in cases of voluntary refusal of passengers due to quarantine measures introduced at the point of destination by the state for arriving passengers, worsening of the epidemiological situation, unjustified refusal of the state from applying anti-epidemic and quarantine measures.


  • If the rebooking and / or re-issuance is performed to a higher class of service than in the originally issued ticket, and / or for another route, which will lead to a higher cost of transportation, then the passenger must pay the difference in tariffs.
  • If the rebooking and / or reissuance is made to a lower class of service than in the originally issued ticket, and / or for another route, which will lead to a lower cost of transportation, then a deposit voucher will

2) be issued for the passenger which will guarantee the return of the amounts under the conditions established by these Rules.When a passenger appeals for a refund of the amounts paid for an airline ticket and additional services until 12/31/2020, a deposit voucher is issued, which is the guarantee obligation of the airline to accept this voucher within a year from the date of its issuance as a payment for any other transportation requested by the passenger on Uzbekistan Airways JSC and its interline and code-share partners flights. The voucher can also be used to pay for additional services provided in connection with the execution of the contract of carriage only on Uzbekistan airways JSC flights (upgrading the service class, paying for excess baggage, additional meals, pre-booking a seat in the aircraft cabin, etc.). After one year from the date of issuance of the voucher, the deposit amount or its unused balance may be returned to the passenger in the form of initial payment.

3) A deposit voucher is issued for any type of fare / fee paid by the passenger. Any tariff rules restricting the terms of the contract of carriage, including penalties, a ban on refunds at the paid fare, etc., do not apply when transferring the amount paid by the passenger to the deposit voucher. However, if a passenger makes a request for rebooking / reissuing or returning a ticket and / or EMD issued before 12/31/2020 for an already completed flight for which the passenger had not arrived (no-show), then in this case, penalties established in the fare conditions or in the provision of an additional service are applied first, and a deposit voucher shall be issued for the remaining amount according to the general rules, including using the bonus provided to passengers.

4) The limit on the amount for an issued EMD for an unspecified transportation or service established by airline rules and equal to 750 USD or the equivalent does not apply to EMD with code 98? / 99I.

5) The voucher is not valid as an independent document for transportation or provision of services.

6) Where not possible to exchange a ticket for an EMD, then a refund procedure must be performed for tickets for which a voucher has been issued. 

7) If the carriage has been booked for several passengers or a group, a deposit voucher is issued for each passenger separately.

8) The voucher is issued  at the place of purchase ticket in the currency and form of payment for the ticket, in exchange for which is issued, in the form of an unassociated EMD-S (group D):

- with code 98B for a completely unused ticket and services issued by EMD;

- with code 99I for a partially used ticket.

9) A deposit voucher is issued at the place of purchase of the ticket for the amount of the ticket price to be refunded, plus a bonus equal to 5% of this amount, which in the end will be the total amount of the deposit. When a second and subsequent vouchers for residual amounts are issued in exchange for the initially issued deposit voucher, a bonus of 5% for such unused amounts for transportation and services is not granted, and the expiration date of the second and subsequent vouchers is transferred from the originally issued voucher.

10) If a passenger intends to use a voucher for payment for a new ticket or service and the amount indicated in the deposit voucher is not enough for payment of the total cost of a new ticket or service, then the missing amount can be paid by the passenger in any form of payment.

11) A voucher can be used by its owner to pay for transportation and services, both for himself and for another person. When transferring a voucher to another person without the voucher owner being present at the moment when the other person requests to use the voucher to pay for the ticket or services in his favor, a notarized statement of the voucher owner must be presented with the request to use his voucher in favor of the other person (s) or notarized issued power of attorney for the use of a voucher.

12) The voucher is subject to exchange for the amount indicated in it in the form and currency of the initial payment after one year from the date of its issuance. In this case, the refund is executed by executing the EMD refund operation with the calculation of the refunded amounts in accordance with the current rules.

13) In individual cases related to personal circumstances, for example, the state of health of a passenger or his close family member, passengers may contact the airline with requests for early refund of the amounts paid for transportation, for exceptional reasons. At the same time, the passenger’s application must be accompanied by relevant documents confirming the need for such an early return of the amounts. The airline will review the passenger’s application in the established complaint procedure and will inform the passenger of the decision made in the time prescribed by law. At the same time, in case of a positive decision, the airline will refund the amounts paid for the ticket and additional services, according to the established rules and without taking into account the bonus in the amount of 5% of the cost of the initial ticket provided when issuing a deposit voucher.

14) When an agent issues a deposit voucher to ensure the return of the amounts paid by the passenger, the commission of the agent who issued the ticket is not withheld by the airline and remains at the disposal of the agent who issued the initial ticket. In case of receiving a deposit voucher for payment for a new carriage, the cost of which exceeds the cost of the ticket initially paid by the passenger, the commission is calculated for the amount of the fare in excess of the cost of the initially paid fare.