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New rules and penalties for GDS violations

New rules and penalties for GDS violations


Effective 01 September 2023 Philippine Airlines will start to impose penalties for the following GDS Abuses/Violations:



Invalid Booking Class
Duplicate Bookings
Churning of more than 4 per booking
Inactive Segments
Fictitious Bookings
Waitlist Bookings
Excessive Cancellations

Philippine Airlines, in its efforts to offer more seat availability to our passengers and manage unproductive GDS costs, would like to reiterate the following recommended practices when using the GDS:
1. Review bookings and cancel promptly all unwanted confirmed or waitlisted segments.
2. Avoid making duplicate bookings.
3. Book only if there is a real passenger; Do not create fictitious or speculative bookings without real demand.
4. For test or training purposes, use the GDS’ test system or training mode that do not result to decrement of the airline’s inventory.
5. Identify passenger’s true needs and waitlist only on passenger’s preferred flights.
6. PR is implementing the No Passive policy, hence booking and ticketing must be made using the same GDS.
7. Promptly delete all inactive segments (HX/NO/UN/UC) from the PNR at least 24 hours prior flight departure and within the same calendar month that the segments were updated to HX/NO/UN/UC status.
8. Avoid adding unnecessary segments to the PNR to circumvent ticketing time limits.
9. Avoid repeated cancel and rebook transactions, also known as churning, within the same PNR.
10. Do not create bookings that will violate the minimum connecting time (MCT) of individual airlines. Do not override the alert given by GDSs if the MCT is not met.
11. Always action GDS queues efficiently and promptly. Travel agencies must notify all ticketed and confirmed passengers of any schedule change or flight cancellation immediately after receiving advice from the airline.
12. Provide the passenger’s complete name exactly how it is written in the passport.
13. Provide the passenger's email and/or mobile contact number in following IATA standard codes to facilitate flight disruption handling in cases of delays or cancellations:
SSR CTCE - for email contact SSR CTCM - for mobile contact
14. In case of rebooking, always re-input any special service requests from the original booking, such as meals, seats, etc.
15. Secure the passenger’s Mabuhay Miles number and input in the PNR using the correct FQTV format.
Philippine Airlines shall monitor all transactions to identify booking practices which violate the above policy. In case of non-compliance with the policy, Philippine Airlines will clip any travel agency's access to view, book or ticket Philippine Airlines inventory.

Penalty will be in the form of ADM supported by relevant document/s. Details to be advised.

Thank you and we look forward to your support.