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Effective 02 February 2022, new simplified IRROPs proceuderes are in force.

Effective 02 February 2022, the following handling guidelines shall apply to 079 tickets with PR-OAL itinerary affected by IRROPs:

  • 079 Tickets with PR-OAL itinerary affected by flight cancellation
  • 079 Tickets/coupons on PR-OAL itinerary that are affected by schedule changes of two (2) hours and beyond.
  • 079 coupons within one (1) ticket and with PR-OAL connecting flights, that are affected by schedule changes on either of the connecting segment that are less than two (2) hours, and will not be able to meet the standard minimum connecting time.
  • Flight disruption caused by COVID-related reasons such as government-imposed protocols, travel bans or restrictions, arrival capacity limitations, passenger testing positive for COVID-19 twenty days before 
    ETD, and other COVID-related scenarios (See Appendix).


  1. Waiver on penalties such as rebooking/change fee/refund shall only apply on ticket/coupons affected by the above-mentioned scenarios.
  2. Rebook to an earlier ?ight within 3 days or to another ?ight with available space within 60 days after the original ?ight on the same BCC at no additional charge (if unable to confirm on the same BCC, request confirmation to local office) provided that the date is within the period of validity of the ticket or within thirty (30) days from date of ticket expiry (whichever comes first). NOTE: Ticket validity refers to the period for which the ticket is valid (NVB / NVA)
  3. Refund full fare including all taxes and surcharges of the affected sector or all sectors if passenger decides not to use the ticket.
  4. Reissued ticket to reflect the new travel date, must indicate – “GSA-INVOL/INVOL DUE PR(flight date) XLD OR SC", as applicable in the Endorsement/Restriction field.
  5. For scenarios/transactions not mentioned above (including rerouting, etc.), a waiver code must be secured from relevant PR office. Said waiver code must be indicated on the Endorsement/restriction field of the reissued ticket. In the absence of a waiver code, a corresponding Agent Debit Memo (ADM) will be issued.


The following sample scenarios shall fall under COVID Concessions-INVOL:


  • Cancellations due to arrival capacity set by the government or community quarantines (ECQ/MECQ)
  • Cancellations due to PAL (marketing requirements, maintenance requirements, crew limitations, etc.)--unless a special handling guideline is provided

Travel Bans or Restrictions

  • Travel restrictions to select passenger types imposed by the IATF on entry to the Philippines (e.g., suspension of Balikbayan privilege)
  • Travel restrictions to select passenger types (e.g., leisure travelers) imposed by IATF for those traveling within the Philippines. Note: Except for tickets issued after announcement of said restriction.

Gov’t Imposed Protocols

  • Passenger with INT-DOM single/split (PR-PR) ticket having to rebook DOM sector due to testing and quarantine requirements in MNL, CEB, or CRK.
  • Arrival capacity that leads to re-routing of flights to land in CEB/CRK instead of MNL


  • Testing positive for COVID-19 (RT-PCR, Antigen, LAMP, NAAT,  etc.)  up  to  20 days BETD .